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Something is definitely happening here.

There has been much attention on the effects of mindfulness meditation on the individual, but there is also a growing body of information about the measurable effects that mindfulness has on harmony, creativity and productivity in the workplace.  Many of us would love to work in an atmosphere like Google’s.  The corporate climate there is one in which the “Googlers” take initiative and exhibit leadership skills to a degree not commonly found elsewhere.   This, according to Google engineer, Chade-Meng Tan, is no accident.

Meng is co-founder of Google’s Search Inside Yourself (SIY) program and leads other employees through an emotional intelligence curriculum that has produced yet a further positive shift in corporate culture.  Chief among the goals of this group is to bring mindfulness and peace of mind to fellow colleagues, knowing that a happier workplace not only results in increased productivity and contentment at the office, but also transfers to employees’ personal lives and the lives of their families.

In his TED Talk, Meng discusses three steps used in the SIY program:

1)  Attention training;
2)  Development of self-mastery & self-knowledge (the ability to observe one’s thoughts objectively); and,
3)  Creation of new mental habits.

Meng stresses that not only is this program of mindfulness training good for the employees and for the growth of compassion in the workplace, but it is also, bottom line, good for business.  Sound business practices that are also sound “people practices”.  We don’t need Functional MRIs to tell us how much happier we are with mindfulness training, even though the results are measurable this way, because we have the testimony of many people who have experienced these shifts in themselves.  The fact that mindfulness is also good for business should come as no surprise, and businesses are finding it worthwhile to go to the expense of time and dollars to offer such a program to their employees.

Contact us at to discuss creating a custom program for your workplace.  “If it works at Google, other employers take notice.”  Implementing a mindfulness training program is easier and more rewarding than you may imagine.