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Mindfulness meditation has been effective in relieving stress, and in enhancing focus and a sense of wellbeing. It has become mainstream, as it is being adopted by the corporate world, the medical community and by private individuals interested in improving their mental and physical health.

News Clips (Video)

ABC News:  Meditation 101:  Tips for Beginners (Video)


Science Daily: Mindfulness Meditation Training Changes Brain Structure
Stressed Out? Try Mindfulness Meditation

By 2050, Mental Exercise will be as Important as Physical: Neuroscientist
Meditation Alters Your Grey Matter, Studies Show
CBC Podcast:  A Wandering Mind is an Unhappy Mind 

Health, Wellbeing & Stress Reduction

Meditation Technique Helps Cope with Stress: Study
Stressed Out? Try Mindfulness Meditation
Mindfulness Meditation: Contemplating Your Way to Reduced Stress and Better Performance
Foolproof Ways to Battle Anxiety
How to Control Cortisol
Meditation Techniques for Stress
Mind Where You Go
ABC News: Addicts Overcome Holiday Stress with Meditation


New York Post:  Mantra, Inc.
Executives Find Another Way to Transcend the Daily Grind

Athletic Performance

Mental Floss for Untidy Minds
Self-Control – Lambert’s New Mantra – Snowboarder Zeroes In


Relax, Kids: Meditation Touted as Stress Buster for Children
By 2050, Mental Exercise will be as Important as Physical: Neuroscientist


Goldie’s Meditations on Life
Meditation Reduces Stress, Instills Compassion
Say ‘Om’ – Yoga and Other Therapies Good for Chronic Pain, Study Says

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